Habitat restoration is an important part of stewarding our protected lands.  AFC needs your help to purchase a wood-chipper so that we can expand our restoration efforts and improve our preserves for people and wildlife, alike.

We will use the wood-chipper to:

  • Compost Invasive Plants  If the plants are removed before going to seed, we can shred them in the chipper and turn them into compost.  This reduces the seed bank of harmful exotic plants, while creating a zero-waste disposal system.
  • Create Our Own Mulch  One critical aspect of habitat restoration is laying down mulch to suppress weeds, and to keep moisture in the soil for newly-planted native plants.  We would like to create all of our own mulch sustainably, on-site.

Please help us take our land management efforts in Millard, Rubio, Cottonwood, and Goss (Rosemont Preserve) Canyons, Old Marengo Park and elsewhere to the next level.  Your donation is much appreciated, and we are certain you will notice the results!