It is tough life for a California Mountain Lions, especiallywith their interactions with the humans that live near or around their habitat.  In the latest article from the LA Times, “How a fear of humans affects the lives of California’s mountain lions“,  writer Sean Greene discussing the impact that we have on the California Mountain Lion.

Excerpt from article:

“Pumas may be the top carnivores in much of California’s mountains, but there’s still one predator they fear above all else: humans.

When mountain lions hear the sound of human voices, they almost always flee, even if it means abandoning their prey, according to a new study from scientists at UC Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Puma Project.

The findings, published this month in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, may not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the notoriously elusive predators, but they may have implications for the species’ and ecosystem’s health that cause concern.”