Validating the Corridor

Bear Red #2 Map

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An event in 2016 highlighted the urgent need to establish this corridor. On June 8th, 2016, a bear was seen lounging in the pool of a La Canada home(1). Local news outlets jumped on the story, helicopters went up and CDFW was contacted and tried to chase the bear back into the hills. On June 10th, the bear was located in the 2900 block of Saint Gregory Road in Glendale(3). (On June 15th, and again June 17th, the bear was spotted in the Whiting Woods section of Glendale(4).

How did it navigate the heavily developed area get there? A routine check of AFC trail cameras on the Cottonwood Canyon property(2) shows the rascal burrowing in the stream before heading up the hill, past the mouth of the spring, on his way over to the San Rafael Hills and, ultimately, where he was spotted in Glendale. The bear’s adventures document and validate the fact that large mammals are using the Cottonwood Property to travel between large blocks of natural landscape in the region.