A dedication ceremony for Old Marengo Park will be conducted today at 3:00pm by Altadena Heritage as they name the site an Altadena Heritage Area.

Located at the intersection of Woodbury and Marengo, bordering Pasadena and Altadena, the park is planted with native trees and plants to demonstrate how low-water gardening can succeed.  In-ground catchment basins allow heavy rains to seep down quickly to recharge groundwater, rather than flow into storm drains and into the ocean.  As more landscapers utilize these features, drinking water is conserved, water quality at the beaches improves and heavy rains soak in and do more good.

Funding for the project, completed in 2007, was generously provided by Los Angeles County Regional Park and Open Space District, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Neighborhood UU Church, Foothill Municipal Water District, and donations from many supporters.

The park was made possible by the work of many people, including area residents. Altadena Heritage recognizes not only the hard work AFC, but the work and donated services of many supporting partners such as Mountain View Cemetery, Pasadena Water and Power, J. Harold Mitchell Co. of AltadenaRain Bird Corporation, Mark Goldschmidt Design, and PB Construction. Special thanks to L.A. County Supervisor Michael D Antonovich, Altadena Watershed Committee, and Altadena Heritage, along with former AFC board member Rick Carron, AFC board member Michelle Markman, and the tireless Watershed Committee chair Michele Zack who was instrumental in the success of the park.

“It’s a small park, but it makes a big impact on the area,” said John Howell, AFC’s executive director. We hope people will enjoy seeing how native plants can be used wonderfully in our gardens, and get ideas about capturing and saving water.”