Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy Supporters

July 2019 – June 2020

An * indicates a supporter who has made a multi-year pledge supporting AFC’s mission.

Bigcone Spruce ($25,000+)

Connell Foundation

Gordy Crawford

Cygnet Foundation

Disney Conservation Fund

Fremont Cottonwood ($15,000-$24,999)

Edison International

Bigleaf Maple ($10,000-$14,999)


Olivia Garfield and Michael Newkirk

Don Hall*

Jericho Road

Joanne and Ethan Lipsig*

Katie and Chris Poole*

SahanDaywi Foundation

Canyon Live Oak ($5,000-$9,999)

Heather and Paul Haaga

Carolyn and Bruce Hancock*

Sally and John Howell*

Melody Malmberg and Joe Rohde


Bay Laurel ($2,500-$4,999)

Jennifer and Matt DeVoll*

Henry Fliegel

Janet Forman

Barbara Goto*

Sharon Scull*

Allison and Lake Setzler

Laura and Gavin Solomon*

Englemann Oak ($1,000-$2,499)

Joan Aarestad*

Sara and George Abdo*

Gwen and Guil Babcock*

Laurie Barlow*

Claire and Bill Bogaard*

Carole Brady*

Janice DaVolio and Ralf Persson

Linda and Stephen Gill*

Sandy Gillis and Tom Gammill*

Jewel City Kiwanis Club

Kelly Kimball*

Virginia and John Kimball

Mary Ellen Kramer and Peter Eisenhardt

Doug Kranwinkle

Sharon Laubach and Andrew Mishkin*

Joy and Thomas Majich*

Ninarose Mayer*

Carol and Robert McCrary

Mary Osterling

Pasadena Garden Club

Mary Beth and David Redding

Sam Reed

Lisa Richter and Howard Newman*

Leslie and Fred Schwarzenbach*

Leslie Shoemaker and Mel Lynch

Nancy and Bruce Steele*

Phil Swan

Edwina Travis-Chin and Robert Miller*

Betsey Tyler*

Dave Weeshoff

Colleen and Luke Welsh*

Eileen and Michael Williamson*

Linda and Bob Winters*

Your Cause LLC

Linda Zinn*

Coast Live Oak ($500-$999)

Altadena Community Chest*

Susan Bleecker and Michael Roffina*

Linda Borgeson and Jeff Leake

Tom Brady*

Chris and Geoff Bremer

John Callas

Mary Lea and Bill Carroll*

Michel Choban

Suzanne and Walter Cochran-Bond*

Sharon and Pat Crandall*

Diggers Garden Club

Dave Doody*

Doug Farr

Judith and Stan Farrar*

Marsha Fowler*

Manuela Gomez Rhine and Michael Rhine*

Christine Hessler*

Cameron Hotchkis

Jennifer and Remington Hotchkis

Walter Hubert and Mark Saltzman

Smrithi Krishnan

Kendra Nitta*

Andrea Rawlings and E.J. Remson*

Leonard Schaustal

Lorraine and Lonnie Schield

Elizabeth Short and Michael Friedman

Lois Tandy*

Marianne and John Thompson*

Kathy and Jeff Vlaming

Lynn and Don Voss*

Paul Wallace

Sharon and William Weisman

Valerie Zografos

California Sycamore ($240-$499)

Margaret Adachi*

Larry Allen*

Tracey Alsobrook*

Helena and Ross Bowman

Karen and Harry Brumer*

Beth and Frank Colcord

Bethany Ehlmann

Joan Evans

Jane Herrmann*

Deborah and Schuyler Hollingsworth

Melinda Howell and Steve Cole*

Karen Jain

Bill Meurer*

Leslie Miller*

Don Norquist*

Kristen Ochoa and Shana Pallotta*

Polytechnic School

Dorothy Scully*

Nayan Shah and Ken Foster

Tamara and Michael Silver

Judy and Brookes Treidler

Judy and Randy Wilson

Amanda Zellmer

Toyon (up to $250)

Joan and Andreas Aebi*

Amazon Smiles

Wayne April

Pam Aschbacher

Linda and Michael Babcock

Debbie Baird

Christle Balvin*

Sally Barngrove and Tom Gertmenian

Sally Beer*

Lance Benner

Arlene Bennett

Edwina Berg

Delores and William Bing

Susan and Jeffrey Bolan

Sean Bora

Mary and Graham Bothwell

Lee and Ned Brainerd

Joseph Bricio

Julia Collins

Compulsive Gardeners

Ellen Conley

Alex Constant

Bette and John Cooper

Ron Crosthwaite

Brenda Cullen

Megan Cullen

Evelyn and Dave Davis

Bronwyn Dawson*

Michael de Villiers

Rod Dean

Jennifer del Castillo

Pam and Wilbur Dong

Denise Dorgan and Rich Diephuis

Hilary and Steve Dorsey

Lynn and Avery Drewe*

Cindy Dunning

Kellan and Ted Eisenhardt

Barbara and Jim Eisenstein

Valerie Elachi*

Danette Erickson

Julie and James Evans

Judy and George Faeustle

Michael Farquhar

Merrilee Fellows and Bob Mackin

Claudia and Doug Forbes*

Robert Frank

Mia and Steve Frautschi

Julie Furmidge and Candace Kay

Susan Futterman and Arnold Siegel

Brooke and Edward Garlock*

Carol Gibson

Rebecca Gilden and Martin Woods

Pennie and Dino Gioia

Shannon and Kaleb Gleason

Ruth and Richard Goldstein*

Janet and Paul Gordon

Paul Grossman*

Chuck Hains*

Bruce Hale*

Aleta Hancock

Hilary Hanel

Jeffrey Hannah

Booth Hartley

Lyle Hatridge*

Willow Healy and Devin Thor*

Debbie Heap

Lisa Heidel and John Culpepper

Robert Hess

Marilynn and Jim Hildebrandt*

Sylvia and Patrick Holmes

Diane Hong*

Cindy Horita

Eugene Imai

Katie and Jim Ipekjian*

Missy and Paul Jennings

Ketu Katrak

Joanna Kenney

Mary Kincaid and Dave Kinnoin

Roger Klemm*

Charles Kohlhase

Sooraj Krishnan

Caroline and Todd Kunioka*

Cynthia Kurtz

John Labella

Maria and Frank LaCasella

Dana Lamphear*

Courtney Lavender

Samantha Lee

Jeanne and Patrick Lejeune*

Daniel Limonadi

Jan and Mickey Long*

Joan Maguire*

Barbara and Willie Mao

Dolores and Harvey Marsh

Marilee Marshall and Bruce Wright*

Dale Matsuda

Judith and Daniel McCleese

Beverly and Larry McReynolds

Roberta Medford*

Nairi Megrabian*

Winkee Melton

Nichole Mihara

Suzanne Mitus-Uribe and Carlos Vicente-Uribe

Emily Montague*

Sue Mossman*

Rob Muthiah

Mary Lou Newmark

Barbara and Bill Nielsen

Janet Nippell

Cynthia and George Null

Jacquelyn O’Sullivan

Gregg Oelker*

Ed Ogawa

Russell Olin

George Ossman

Violet Ouyang

Jean Owen*

Mimi Paller

Cynthia Parenti

Laura Parker

Juana Pearce

Susan and John Pearson

Dianne Philibosian and Tom Seifert*

Barbara Poland

Elizabeth Pomeroy

Eleanor Pott*

Martin Ratliff

Linda Rauda

Peggy and Jay Reed

Mike Reibel*

Kathie Reilly

Scott Resnick

Julie and Jim Richards*

Marianna Rivinus

Linda and Walter Roberts

Dana Roth*

Dick Sailors

Joanne Sakamoto and Gary Lieskovsky*

Robert Sapunor

Peter Schade

Carla Schamet and Jason Celek

Laura and Jefferey Scott Sellers*

Marsha Shaftel

Alice and Gregory Sheehy

Beheroze Shroff

Elaine Silvestro

Marie and John Slonski*

Liz and Grant Smith

Brenna Snider

Sandra Snyder-Traverso

Susan Southwick*

Charlotte Spencer

Janet Sporleder

Rody Stephenson

Mark Stevens

Jeannie Stirdivant*

Jaynie and Woody Studenmund

Melanie Symonds and Michael Gurnis

Jennifer Taylor

Devin Thor

Anne Tryba and John Hale

Viktoria Valentin

Naomi and Vincent Varsh

Audrey Vaughan

Sue and Seth Walworth

Joanne and Tim Wendler*

Barbara and Ian White Thomson*

Marilynne and Roger Wilander*

James Williams

Philip Wolf

Anne and Roger Wolf

Warren Wolfswinkel

Lincoln Wood

Roger and Carol Young

Michele Zack and Mark Goldschmidt*

Bill Brown

Laura Brown

Rob Bruce*

Gerrie and Tom Bunn

Tania and Michael Cahill*

Maureen and Robert Carlson

Daela Cetrone

Charities Aid Foundation of America

Gerald Cichlar and William Peer

Joan and Curtis Cleven

Barbara Cole

Legacy Supporters & Planned Gifts

Sameer Etman

Ninarose Mayer

Terry Villaneuva and Justin Whalin