AFC Board of Directors

Learn about AFC’s small but mighty staff and its incredible team of board members and advisors who help the mission of preserving land in Los Angeles.

Matthew DeVollBoard Chair
Janice DaVolioBoard Vice Chair
Don HallTreasurer
Olivia GarfieldSecretary
Cal Hollis
Smrithi Krishnan
Ethan Lipsig
Dianne Philibosian
Joe Rohde
Laura Solomon
Phil Swan
Tim Wendler

AFC Advisors

Advisors offer their unique expertise in areas like biology, habitat restoration, map-making, communications, wildlife tracking, and engagement with scouts.

George Abdo
Denis Callet
Mark Duttweiler
Thomas Juhasz
Roger Klemm
Mickey Long
John Lynch
Barbara Nielsen
Jim Osterling
Lew Phelps
E.J. Remson
Nancy Steele
Rich Toyon
Johanna Turner
John Wros
Amanda Zellmer
Sharon Scull

AFC Staff

John HowellChief Executive and General Counsel
Barbara GotoDirector of Operations
Tim MartinezLand and Program Administrator
Anna Hernandez-TorresOffice Administrator
Maggie SwomleyField Administrator