Urban Wildlife Information Network

Corridor Transect

UWIN is a partnership of researchers across the country who use wildlife-monitoring protocols created at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago to understand the ecology and behavior of urban wildlife species. By comparing our data, we can understand why animals in different cities behave differently, and what patterns hold true around the world. This knowledge is what we need to build smarter, greener cities that can be part of the solution to the biodiversity crisis.

AFC is partnering with the US Geological Survey to participate in this study.  We are placing 20 randomly located cameras supplied by USGS along a 20-mile transect within our study area of the Hahamongna to Tujunga Wildlife Corridor (“Current transect in map below”).  Once we successfully gather data throughout that transect we are hoping to extend a second transect south, where it will intersect with a transect along the Los Angeles River being studied by the National Park Service.

For questions about this study, visit the UWIN website at UWIN.  For information about AFC’s participation, please contact AFC’s UWIN project leader, Amanda Zellmer: [email protected].

Corridor Transect

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