AFC Wildlife Camera Program

Butcherbird Studios created this wonderful video about the work of the Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy and our partner wildlife tracker/photographers Denis Callet and Johanna Turnera

A camera trap is a remotely activated camera that is equipped with a motion sensor or an infrared sensor, or uses a light beam as a trigger. Camera trapping is a method for capturing wild animals on film when researchers are not present, and has been used in ecological research for decades. AFC uses camera traps to identify animal species living or passing through our properties.  We also use camera traps to help identify potential wildlife passage through the Hahamongna ~ Tujunga Wildlife corridor connecting the San Gabriel Mountains, San Rafael Hills and Verdugo Mountains for wildlife passage from one isolated open space to another.

AFC launched its remote wildlife camera program in 2014. It began with 2 cameras on a property in Cottonwood Canyon, Pasadena.  We documented wildlife passage over the period of one year and uploaded videos to our website for use with a wildlife corridor curriculum we are developing.

In 2015 AFC partnered with 2 very talented wildlife trackers/photographers, Denis Callet and Johanna Turner. They specialize in high resolution wildlife images, using DSLR cameras with multiple flash units to capture shots with incredible detail and composition.

Additionally, data AFC gathers at some locations is shared in a national wildlife study called the Urban Wildlife Information Network.

Cottonwood Canyon Wildlife Gallery


Maillard Wildlife Gallery


Rosemont Wildlife Gallery


San Rafael Hills Wildlife Gallery

San Rafael Hills

Verdugo Mountains Wildlife Gallery

Verdugo Mountains

As AFC continues to research wildlife passage along the San Gabriel foothills we often come across neighbors who are interested in discovering what wildlife passes through and around their properties.  For those folks we offer to place a camera on their property and share the images we retrieve.  For more information or to request a camera, contact Barbara Goto at [email protected].