AFC Properties – Land We Own & Support

The Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy works with urgency to identify, preserve, and steward the most important natural lands in and around the San Gabriel and Crescenta Valleys for wildlife, birds and other native animals and plants.

We use biological studies and a unique Database-Driven Land Prioritization Matrix to rank parcels for their conservation value.  High priority parcels contain riparian areas important to wildlife lifecycles and regional hydrology, include rare and keystone species, support the region’s signature oak and coastal sage scrub species, and augment adjacent protected areas.  We also use modeling that visualizes permeability of the landscape to tell us the most likely routes that wildlife travel and remote triggered wildlife cameras to validate those routes and corridors.

“Few regional land trusts have the capacity to develop a [matrix] tool of this caliber.” –Anne Dove, National Park Service, Pacific West Region