Living With Wildlife

Communities along the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains share a special relationship with the wildlife who live there as well.  Some times these animals wander into our yards or just can’t resist getting into our trash.  The links to the right provide information about how we can deter this type of behavior and coexist peacefully with our wild neighbors.  For more information, take a look at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s “Keep Me Wild” program.

Rodenticide is Killing Our Wildlife!

Important to keep in mind is how everything we do impacts the life of the wildlife around us – using rodenticide kills not only vermin, but works its way up the food chain (see how here), resulting in the death of everything from foxes, hawks and owls to mountain lions.  Take a look at this website for ideas on how to humanely control the rodent population around your home.

Life of a Mountain Lion Brochure

Life of a Mountain Lion Brochure

WildFutures’ beautifully designed brochure is filled with important information about mountain lions ecology, signs, valuable safety tips, and answers to frequently answered questions about California mountain lions.  The brochure consists of 4 panels and opens into a 16” x 18” poster that is ideal for hanging in a park kiosk, office or classroom.