Hello Sunshine!

The Sunshine Preserve is a crucial wildlife passageway in Glendale, just up the hill from Verdugo Park, and we’ve tracked P-41 and Nikita to this land. If Nikita is to make it to the San Rafael Hills, she must first reach the Verdugo Wash.

This newest addition to AFC’s preserves helps her do this. We continue working to find free passage from the Verdugo Wash into the San Rafael Hills and then on to the San Gabriel Mountains.

As we investigated this property and assessed its ecological value, we couldn’t help but be impressed with how many possibilities it offers, from enhancing the habitat to passage for apex predators to the potential to support pollinators like bees and Monarch Butterflies. It’s a beauty, and now that it’s part of the AFC portfolio the real work begins. Over the next several years we’ll restore the habitat to support native plants and animals, and we’ll track the wildlife that moves through it.

But this work is only possible with your continuing support – can you help us restore and preserve habitat at our newest preserve? Click “donate” to make a one-time or a recurring gift in any amount, and please make sure you’re on our email list to get the latest news about what’s happening at Sunshine and all the other AFC properties.

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Sunshine Preserve